Mic is a connector for microphones. If you do not find the heat sink and cooling fan, contact your dealer to purchase and install them before turning on the computer. I couldn’t believe it was that easy. Socket F Computer Motherboard for Intel. Skip to main content.

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That battery has long life time for at least 5 years.

You can plug USB devices directly into the ports. If you install two hard disks on cable, you must configure the second drive to Slave mode by setting its jumper. You can attach a serial mouse or other serial devices to this port.

MSI Ms Ver Socket Motherboard With I/o Plate | eBay

Please note that any violation of the correct installation procedures may cause permanent damages to your mainboard. I plugged in all the components from the old motherboard, swapped the processor and memory over and within 20 to 30 minutes the computer was operating again.

Hardware Setup Hardware Setup 2 This chapter provides you with the information about hardware setup procedures. If the CPU is correctly installed, the pins should be completely embedded into the socket and can not be seen. Something wrong because do not communicate with monitor. Show More Show Less.


AGP is an interface specification designed for the throughput demands of 3D graphics. Onboard Peripherals h Onboard peripherals include: Great deal that was best fix for the mwi spent!

The computer was great but the motherboard went south, so I searched for a used motherboard.

Socket F Computer Motherboard for Intel. Using 4- or 6-Channel Audio Function. IDE1 can connect a Master and a Slave drive.

MSI Xenon, Socket 478, Intel (MS-6577) Motherboard

For more information on Hyper-threading Technology, go to: I couldn’t believe it was that easy. If you do not find the heat sink and cooling fan, contact xhipset dealer to purchase and install them before turning on the computer. For more information on the S-Bracket, refer to Appendix. Use a grounded wrist strap before handling computer components.

JSP1 This connector is used to connect the internal speaker if available. HP MS Version 4.

Overheating Overheating will seriously damage the CPU and system, always make sure the cooling fan can jsi properly to protect the CPU from overheating.


Press the CPU down firmly into the socket and close the lever. Socket Computer Motherboard for Intel. Follow the instructions below to clear the data: It supports three-pin head connector. Locate the CPU and its retention 2. Socket M Computer Motherboard for Intel. The plastic clip at each side of the DIMM slot will automatically close. Refer to the hard disk documentation supplied by hard disk vendors for jumper setting instructions.

These connectors support the provided IDE hard disk cable. The gold arrow should point towards the lever pivot.