And one other mouse you can’t forget From the comments I’ve read there, people who got used to the original thought highly of it. I’m 58 and hope to keep mousing for many more years. I’d love to find a good quality Bluetooth keyboard, but the trick is, it’s got to fit into my rucksack! Cannot find it anywhere or something logitech m ba47 ,why they stopped logitech m ba47 them? On top of that there is a SmartShift feature that automatically switches you between modes depending on the speed and vigor that you spin the wheel.

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Also, I have one at work that is just for a guest or co-worker so we can both use the pointer when looking at something together. It’s extremely annoying and I don’t know how anyone could like it.

5-lot OEM Logitech Mouseman Scroll Wheel Ergonomic USB Mouse M-ba47 2325y

Never found anything close for my tastes. At home I use a Logitech Optical. Prosumers, if you will.

Same as Scott I have a glass desk so my selection of mices was very narrow. As someone asked for keyboard advice: J-Tech’s ended up being my favorite, and it is super affordable.

I have contacted Logitech several times if they want me to sell some switches so I can fix it myself, but they won’t do that. I have a wireless Logitech.


Nothing else has anything like it’s thumb button, which sits on the bottom of the mouse, and which Muse have a hard time doing without. Logictech do make a left handed mouse MXbut trying to find a left handed mouse in our local shops are useless in South Africa at least. In my searches for a perfect mouse I stopped with the CAD mouse from 3dconnexion: It’s been 6 weeks with this new mouse and it’s now my daily driver for code, blog posts, Office, and everything.

I brought home a brand new standard Mini Bluetooth USB hub and the Headset connected and logitecg perfectly with no driver issue…. The mouse feels like it will last forever unlike most that have quite a plasticy feel. BTW the arc touch mouse feels good, but drives me nuts because the scrolling regularly cuts out, causing me to “try turning it off and on again” to get it to resume scrolling. We really appreciate it. My Brother has a dinovo Kyeboard wirh the mx Any chance logitech m ba47 I can get the functions back on the extra keys and buttons?

Close to 20 years now I’ve used this product line.

Mouse You Use with Linux

Another vote for the M, but M-va47 really tempted by the Kensington wireless ones too http: I did buy the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic combo but was incredibly disappointed with it. Mon Nov 06, Like a few others in the comments, I use an Evoluent mouse. It is wired, but that is a bonus as my employer doesn’t like wireless mice. Logitech mice are the only ones I will buy, and I personally prefer the corded ones almost zero maintenance, if my comp desk wasn’t also my eating table I wouldn’t ever have to clean it.


The finest pointer mechnism available, bar none. logitdch

When my ancient one finally dies, I’m going to have to do some hard thinking about what to use next. I’m personally using a Razer Naga.

Logitech Ba47 USB Ball Mouse – | eBay

The scroll wheel SmartShift is such a subtle yet powerful feature that as soon as you go back to a mouse without it, you suddenly find scrolling really annoying. This happens to fit nicely with my nice red laptop which Scott himself saw a couple of years back, when he was in NZ holding a workshop attached to a local tech conference. I’ll cast my vote for the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop. I keep hearing about the Logitech MX, must feel great.

Tue Nov 07, 7: Sun Nov 05, 9: I’m a fan of the smaller mice I wear the smallest size golf glove they make for adultsand cords are a PITA.