It comes pretty handy to be honest. Low-friction polytetrafluoroethylene feet reduce drag for faster motions, smoother cursor movements and improved accuracy. I also like the discreet Gs branding right below the DPI button. My keyboard lasted for 11 years and was running but as my pet bunny chewed the wires, I had no option left but to replace it. No Yes Review Headline Performance. As you can see in the screenshot below, you can set upto 5 levels of DPIs you can switch with the help of the DPI cycle button. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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Reader Rating 1 Vote 4. Offered in the traditional g10 with virtually the exact same surface treatment, it can seem kind of chintzy compared to its larger siblings, but looks can be deceiving.

Logitech G100s Optical Gaming Mouse Review

Like the others, the Gs is a very responsive mouse, but the entire subjective feel in hand gradually made a believer out of me. This mouse is totally unsuitable for CS.

I do like the G branding near the rear of the mouse a heck of a lot, though. We applied advanced materials to each zone for improved comfort and durability.

I hope this review logitecch Logitech g will help you in making decision on buying this good gaming mice. Just a normal guy, WordPressor, and an internet addict who wants to share small tips and tricks that will make computing easier.

The Gs has only four buttons: If you have any doubts about the product or anything then feel free to ask for help by simply commenting your problem in comment box. Glide Dynamic coefficient of friction Tested on wood-veneer desktop. To set y100 your desired sensitivity and DPI cycle buttons. For gamers who only use the main mouse buttons when playing, the Gs is surprisingly excellent considering the price.


Logitech G100 Review and Why You Should buy a Gaming mouse!

I also like the discreet Gs branding right below the DPI button. As a power mouse user the G is my home desktop mouse; I switch between the Logitech G010 Mouse MX and Anywhere Mouse MX for workI require the additional buttons and features of a more expensive mouse, especially for gaming.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Gs has very high LOD lift of distance also. While everyone has their favorite devices, two of my three favorite mousf are the G headset and G wireless gaming mouse. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me.

Optical Gaming Mouse – Gs – Logitech

This is in the US. Page List Top 1. Thought and action unite. There are no thumb buttons on either side. Little shy but want to fly high in the sky.

Gs is light enough for quick, effortless movement with enough heft for precision placement and solid cursor control.

Razer, SteelSeries, and a few boutique manufacturers dominate the field of gaming, where allegiences run high and the argument of design vs form, feel vs technology, and features vs gaming-worth are rampant. The Gs is a refresh of the G, an Asian-market exclusive that has nevertheless achieved something akin to legendary status in South Korea, especially amongst competitive StarCraft players.


After that, I doubt there will be any more to compare. The Gs, an update to the G which never made it to the US, is a base gaming mouse that puts the G to shame with an enhanced yet still ambidextrous design that is rounded instead of highly angular.

To combat heat and moisture build-up, we added a durable hydrophobic coating to the palm area. My keyboard lasted for 11 years and was running but as my pet bunny chewed the wires, I had no option left but to replace it.

They tend to drive the mouse more with their fingertips than with a full grip, so a lighter mouse would be preferable for that style of play. Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. And if they are when they see it, tell them to give it a try. Razer mouses specially are often criticized for being less durable as compared to its competitors. Today I have with me the entry level gaming mice, the Logitech g gaming mouse with me. From keyboards to mice to joysticks and other gear, Logitech probably has at least one product to sell you.