Turn the top cover upside down. The solenoid cable should be installed on top of the sensor cables. Slide the cover to the right to free the left side, and remove the front cover guide. Page , Rotate the motor drive counterclockwise until the two plastic links can be separated. Page 54 Timeout on data collection during auto alignment

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Skew is caused by a sheet being fed through the printer while misaligned. Service Error CodesService 451 codes Service error codes are generally non-recoverable except in an intermittent condition when POR is performed and the printer can temporarily recover from the error condition. Don’t show me this message again.

Lexmark E250D – E B/W Laser Printer Service Manual

Lift the top rear of the cover over the pivot point, and drop the cover away from the printer. Page 92 After obtaining a properly adjusted image on the paper, tighten all three screws.

Check the AC ,exmark voltage. When either of these cards is new, it obtains its settings from the other card.

Allow the printer ID to match the label ID after the controller card is lexmagk. Lift the main motor drive, and disconnect the motor cable D. If special media is being used, such as card stock or labels, be sure to select the correct media type. All service errors are initially communicated by all lights flashing which is the primary indication or code. Use a spring hook or a small screwdriver to dislodge the arm of the shaft bushing, and rotate the arm counterclockwise as far as it will go.


Lexmark Model Laser Printer Edn Monochrome | eBay

Page 6 How to use this parts catalog When re-installing, be sure to reconnect the ground cable. Lift the back of the top cover right side in photo to prevent the gears on the assembly from touching other items while removing, especially the fuser mounting bracket.

Top Cover RemovalTop cover removal Remove the right side cover. The distance of any edge or corner from the table should be less than 3 mm. Wear strip removal tray 2 Pull up the strip with the spring hook to free it at the top.

Open the front access cover and infrequently required by a user. Using the spring hook, check to make sure that the end of the strip is secure and the strip is fastened tightly.

Otherwise, the toner cartridge coupler may become dislodged. Pagephotoconductor capacity print media print speed toner capacity start symptom tables POST printer test pages Print Quality Pages tires, removal tools transfer roll parts catalog removal service check user attendance messages Index Page Verify the proper alignment of the top cover with the paper exit guide along the mating edges at the rear of the exit tray.


Release the four inner latches B. Remove the media level indicator. Also known as internal jam.

Disconnect the cable from J6 on the controller card. Page 55Paper jam error codes Continued Error Description Page 59Service error codes 9xx Continued Error Description Paper jams as a printed job exits the printer Meaning A paper jam has occurred as the print media is exiting the printer.

Align the link end of the shaft with the opening in the side frame, and remove the shaft and spring anchor E. This setting often causes Windows print jobs to fail. Left side relative to the picture above.

Remove the three screws A. Generally, the turn on the printer while pressing options made available in this menu group are and holding