The blinky project has done it, but i do not know what i have changed. Hi again and thanks for your help. I also tried to load the file with luminary micro flash programmer but i have the same problem. Marleen ten Broeke Hello Tamir, i do not understand you totally. Marleen ten Broeke I dont know what Per meant so i did not do that. Read-Only Author phlased membar Posted Aug The blinky project is now working.

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I managed to add the old RDI-driver but debugging won’t start this time either.

At least that is what uvision says to me when i start a debug session. Tamir Michael I think they even have their own forum. If you have any problems with the driver, please contact Keil Support Intl by mail and I’ll fix it. Marleen ten Kil you assumed right!

Can i put a picture in this forum, so i can show you a screenshot?? Please review our Privacy Policy to learn more about interfafe collection, use and transfers of your data. I also tried to load the file with luminary micro flash programmer but i have the same problem.



Important information This site uses cookies to store information on your computer. Interfacd can also use the flash programmer from luminary micro but that doesnt work. Find it and put it into the project. Yes, I see what you mean.

When I installed these and changed the directory in uVision it worked! But the LED doesnt blink! I am pretty new to uvision and arm processors so you have to break everything in little steps for me. Read-Only Author nickbar kethef Posted Aug This driver also autodetects the connected J-Links capabilities to select the best possible mode. I’m still working on a project with the LM3S RDI debug option missing in Keil 4.

Project-dependant parameters may be passed to these utilities. Tamir Michael have you setup the flash correctly as Per suggested? Marleen ten Broeke I tried to load blinky. This is required since there are many different algorithms for programming Flash memory.

J-Link RDI | SEGGER – The Embedded Experts

Marleen, It is so incredibly refreshing to have a woman here among us droogs assuming of course you are indeed one Than there are two more options; RDI interface driver kkeil luminary eval board.


Now i have a different problem, when i load my project i to the memory uvision says it is done, but when i reset the evalboard it does nothing!

Marleen ten Broeke Hello, Thanks for all the help! I’m in the process of moving my project from Keil uVision v 3.

program faulr?

Hi again and thanks for your help. This is the error: Dan moet u even geduld hebben Tamir Michael maybe you can give some indication using a LED what your software is doing, or if it caused an exception of some kind? Maybe you can find your answer there? Marleen ten Broeke Thanks, i posted a inteeface on there forum.

There isn’t the menu for using RDI Flash Programmer

I am sorry for that! I do not know what the problem is, Maybe you guys can help? Is there any way to get this working again or has RDI-debugging support been removed completely?