Contact them via email or Facebook for enquires. The USB cable for this will connect to the computer. It’s definitely not the brightest screen around, but it’s usable. It comes in a regular cardboard carrying box with a handle. However, Huion has really good customer service and you can always drop them a line with questions and suggestions. Two pens are included. In short, make sure the latch is facing upwards.

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The design huoin quite nice and professional, with a two-tone black and silver color typical of electronics. And because the screen is so glossy, there could be some movement issues with hand on such surfaces. The GT only feels slightly warm after long period of use.

Huion GT Graphic Tablet Review

The overall build quality is decent. It has a big vent area huon the back top side for cooling and the stand is almost as wide as the screen for increased stability. More information about text formats.

I want this blog to be the last destination for people making up their mind about picking the best graphics tablet that fits their needs and budget. The downside is the use of the TFT panel which affects the colour accuracy and viewing angles.


Huion Gt-190 19 Inches Digital Pen Display Graphics Tablets for Drawing

They are based in Asia but ship globally. Since it’s a monitor, you need to connect it to a computer to use it. You only get the most accurate colours when you’re viewing the screen straight on. But you can correct for the parallax using the calibration provided by the driver. So there’s definitely parallax.

These are the buttons for the bt display. That’s the USB port at the back. Click here to see prices for the Huion GT, get the latest discounts and read more customer reviews.

It will provide a smoother and more comfortable drawing experience, and also not smudge the display with oil from the hand. After calibration, when you’re looking straight on the screen, it should have minimal parallax.

In short, make sure the latch is facing upwards.

Should you need more details, visit the product page on Gearbest at: That’s not very bright. The pen holder opens up and doubles as a nib keeper with 8 slots for spare nibs. Strokes appear just the way they should and huuion taper nicely. However, Huion has really good customer service and you can always drop them a line with questions and suggestions. Here’s a summary of the pros and cons: When you buy from those affiliate links, I earn some commissions at no extra cost to you.


Everything feels responsive without much lag. And this is what it looks like when tilted. The tablet is also quite responsive.

Huion GT190 Review – Budget Replacement for Cintiq

These are the two graphic ports: The pen came with a pen holder, which is standard practice for many tablet manufacturers. But the parallax will appear depending on the position of your head relative to the screen. The manufacturer claims This allows the pen to be recognised.

Medibang Paint Pro Mac.