Maximum of 8 servers can be connected from one client location. Specify the pre frames and post frames Holiday: Full Screen View Click full screen button as shown on the right on the main screen to display only camera views without interface. If the video product has been dropped, or the cabinet damaged. Please take the cover off and then check whether every board has been plugged in properly. Also setup digital output dwell time.

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Kit Video Insight Pilot Kit. Specify the file system type at the playback.

If you choose the Days option, the indicator will not show anything at first day. Time lapsed recording Motion: System memory and page files have to be freed once a week in order for system to operate stably.

August Verizon. FTP user password Directory Name: File manager main screen will be displayed shown below. Fast search on specify conditions.


Click finish to complete the installation Once the installation is done, you will see the loading screen like above After installation, go to Power options in Control Panel Set Immediately for reboot UPS. IP Video Entry System. When the “Quit” icon is clicked the user will initially be prompted with the three choices: All recorded data will be saved simultaneously from the main program. System shuts down automatically when user presses QUIT button.


Click and drag to add a motion sensitive area in a camera view. Manually activate Digital Out.

Do not personally install or use any software, including anti-virus or firewall on Hisco DVR other than those that have been installed at the factory.

Please download newer software from the web site 5 I have accidentally deleted EyeData in EyeDat folder. General information Net Client is an application which provides users not only viewing and controling remote DVRs, but also receiving realtime event data or alarm signals More information. Important Information Before proceeding, please read and observe all instructions and warnings contained in this manual.

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Select installed Digital Out 1 4 to be triggered. In order to locate the footage you are trying to find, simply click on the red line that corresponds to the appropriate camera and time.

Drag the tab to the left or right to show the remaining hours in a day.


This will change the display to single, 4, 6, 9, 10, 16, 32 split screen views. Preface Thank you for choosing our product, for a better understanding of the product, we recommend you read the instruction and safety information before use. SMTP server address Port: No part of this document may be reproduced, republished, or retransmitted in any form or by any means whatsoever. Retain this manual with the original bill of sale for future reference and, dcr necessary, warranty service.

Interval between camera rotations. Now click the Forwarding button at the top of the dvvr.

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Sender s name Address: Open the PC s cover and plug the capture card into an empty More information. You can erase the DVR information before adding by clicking the Clear button.

Set date parameter by entering starting date and ending date. At the Security Tab, click on the Custom Level button.