Weird but really useful gadgets This is a listing of some of the weird, odd gadgets that I’ve picked up over the years — but I have found them to be super useful and use them pretty much daily. Better than a PopSocket in a couple ways. Make sure to log on your PC as the administrator. Email Required, but never shown. They have crashes with Nomad Zen Xtra. Finally, rated battery life for video is weaker than Toshiba had originally suggested.

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Toshiba Gigabeat S reviewed, iPod advantage “wiped out”

Behold, the rare gadget that actually lives up to–if not surpasses–the hype. Disk Layout The following was obtained by placing the HD into an ipod and using the ipod’s emergency disk mode to gain an fdisk inspection of the drive’s layout. It has excellent audio and video quality.

Includes a few bugfixes and speed enhancements. Click Programsand then go to Programs and Features. You will need libnjb CVS in order to get this release compiled. It supports many music, video, and photo file types, including subscription services, and it has a bevy of features, such as an FM tuner and support for digital camera transfers.

Jukebox Player actually In-System Design. New low profile design helps you achieve 22 hours of web browsing After being disappointed with the S9 Plus Juice Pack, the design updates Mophie made for the Note 9 Juice Pack are exactly what I wanted to see. Downloads release dev builds extras themes Documentation manual wiki device status Support forums mailing lists IRC Development bugs patches dev guide Search Donate. We are working on libmtp to bring the MTP devices to life.


Although audio quality is top-notch, there is no equalizer, and the earbuds are uncomfortable.

Photos: Six alternatives to the iPod 3 – Page 3 | ZDNet

The great-sounding Cowon iAudio Mp looks like an iPod killer on paper, but this palm-size music and video player suffers from mediocre music browsing and some key design missteps.

An article in “IT managers journal” mentions Gnomad2. Sign up using Email and Password. Remove the usb cable when the updater is done, and the gugabeat will flash the new firmware be careful not to remove the power while it’s flashingthen run it.

Caudabe makes some great options that add minimal weight and size to Email Required, but never shown.

MTP access download, free MTP access download.

There is no voice or FM recording, and the two-cable AC adapter is cumbersome. You will need the CVS version of libnjb or libnjb 1. We wish it did Wi-Fi, but archrival Palm Treo can’t do that, either. It has a 1.

Toshiba Gigabeat S reviewed, iPod advantage “wiped out”

Motorola Q Meet the Q. Loading code from Windows Running code on the Gigabeat involves patching the mhp nk. Provided here is Partial disassembly of the original firmware configuration of the IPU full disassembly to be completed soon For the most part only initialization values of said registers are given.


You will need the unreleased libnjb CVS version for this to compile, and the snapshots are nowadays found at the libnjb project page. PID of all the models Rockbox supports.

But you may want to think twice if you have huge thumbs, because its small joystick may be hard to control. You will need the recently released libnjb 1. The results are again merged into the list. Right-Click and Uninstall removed device, and the Windows immediately detected it again and reinstalled the driver.

You will need libnjb 2. Six alternatives to the iPod. Top 10 gigabwat accessories for Step 2 For the gigabeat to accept the firmware update, it must either be in the recovery mode, or in the original firmware.

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