They tell that it means that the Port Multiplier might work, but won’t allow to use multiple harddrives. Is there any other ones existing? I’ll check your recommendations though, thank you for them. Elitebook w, 4Gb Ram, Windows 7 Pro, Avid Media Composer 5 release candidate, the sales version in a min , several external harddrives. The card has 2 ports to allow you to connect 2 eSata drives.

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Fri, Jul 9 2: I have just reinstalled 1.

I esaat to confirm your info from HP. Another way would be to transfer from 5 separate drives to a single Raid box. Haven’t done any “heavy lifting” yet either, but it looks good.

I can confirm that this driver SLI ver. The production company has invested already on the harddrives, and I’m scepticat about their willingness to put some more money to the Raid box.

eSata port multiplier – Avid Community

Jul 21, I was suggested xynex get a eSata port multiplier. Latest post Fri, Jul 9 2: Some producers are like slinkies: User profile for user: Jul 20, 6: Wed, Jul 7 5: Apple Watch Speciality level out of ten: The card has 2 ports to allow you to connect 2 eSata drives. If it turns out to be correct, as I presume it will, what then?


Is there any other ones existing? If you have an express card slot on your computer the Dynex company makes a 2-port esata card. Wed, Jul 7 4: I have only one eSata port in my laptop and several external harddrives. It should be compatible. HPSupport tells that in my model Elitebook w mxc supports only 2 devices at the same time.

G-Tech 2TB & eSata card on Mac Pro : Apple Final Cut Pro Legacy

Seems that you cuervo are correct. Jul 21, 9: Some are not – that would be a disappointment.

With the system I have at the moment, I can edit “fine”, I can even tolarate the occational crashing, but transferring material from one harddrive to another is not an option. The laptop that I have is one of that kind. View answer in context.

The adapter is detected as a “Mass Storage Controller,” but I can’t get any connectivity with my external drive. Richard Neville Richard Neville.

eSATA ExpressCard adapter failed install on macbook pro

Link to Mac specific driver page. Oct 22, Link to Mac specific driver page I haven’t done any super heavy lifting with it yet, but so far so good.


Yeap, that would be enough if I wasn’t dealing with such a massive project, with 5 external harddrives. Sep 4, 8: Aug 8, 9: