Ron or Morten — any comments? Originally Posted by manning1. DeyBwah mebe you dont want to shell out money mate.. I was going to describe a similar situation I had with my MOTU and what I did to solve that, but then I remembered that the uses firewire and not PCI, so my suggestion was moot. I did encounter problem with Win 7 64bit. The time now is

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Standalone Digidesign Windows Audio Drivers

Conversely, with my MOTUI can use the MOTU interface application to set dihi routing in the box, etc, thus my monitoring path is real time, quite aside from what is routed into the recording app on the computer. It means – either 9.

Send a private message to kenzo. By the way, this information is incorrect. L until Avidesign launches the final public release supporting W7. To Link to this download, please use http: Originally Posted by kelldammit shane, you don’t need to gut the 8.

Wow, I really need to get rid of my MBOX, although I am very happy with it at the moment, having that less latency would be awesome. It’s two years later.


DIGI 002R WDM Drivers?

Essentially you are using the Audition version of PT low-latency monitoring – ie, the signal gets fed into Audition and fed out again, and it’s the fed out again version you’re listening to.

At last asio-driver with digi LE 5. Dugi think my new machine cost me less than bucks, not bad at all. Coz I really don’t hear that much latency when I monitor a signal. Driver Asio on WIndows.

Digidesign does not provide a WDM driver for the Digi Also, in 00r joint collaboration with Propellerhead Software, Digidesign has added Rewire 2 support with all Pro Tools 6. In Multitrack View, it works just fine, albeit with slight latency. Any other ideas what might be locking the driver?

Have tried all relevant outputs on the DigiR. Originally Posted by manning1. One of the biggest problems I had trying to use Aud 3 with the PT Digi not really a problem per se is that there was no way to set up zero-latency monitoring on the Digi R the rack version of table top modelwithout using a software switch provided for that purpose within PT.


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So what to do if anybody like me would eventually think of using that old crappy lovely? It’s basically the default driver with Pro Tools 8 LE. To turn off transition effect:. And Macintosh development usually precedes any windows advancements in digi land.

This option simply isn’t available in Edit view, which is, accordingly, why it won’t work Find all posts by zolko. Yeah, not being multi-client is weak. Does that fix it?

Audition has always steered clear of anything other than a generic relationship with sound devices and their drivers, regarding things like monitoring issues as something that the manufacturers should deal with, and quite rightly so.

I’m just trying dig get the windows playback driver to work. I did encounter problem with Win 7 64bit.