EXE to a floppy disk. Joystick or MIDI port: Cylinder This field displays the number of cylinders. The frequency ratio of some processors may have been locked by the manufacturer. The system will run according to the front side bus of the CPU installed on the system board.

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Page 40 Hardware Installation Note: Your version may not be identi- cal to this one. DMI, along with the appropriately networked software, is designed to make inventory, maintenance and troubleshooting of computer systems easier. BIOS Setup Many disk diagnostic programs which attempt to access the boot sector table will cause the warning message to appear.

The functions of these audio jacks will change to support 6- channel audio output only after you have installed the audio driver and set the appropriate configuration. Appendix C – Troubleshooting C.

Use the default values as standard values for your system. Chapter 1 – Introduction Introduction Chapter 1 – Introduction 1. Precomp This field displays the number of cylinders at which to change the write timing.


You should use these values only if you have hardware problems. Move the retention levers to their opposite directions then push them down.


Updating The Bios 3. Introduction Chapter 1 – Introduction 1. Do not alter this setting unless advised by an engineer or technician. Joystick or MIDI port: System Error Message setting than indicated in Setup. All steps or procedures to install software drivers are subject to change without notice as the softwares are occassionally updated. Determine which setting is correct, either turn off the system and change the jumper or enter Setup and change the VIDEO selection.

The Windows Task Manager dialog box will appear. Page 53 BIOS Setup Many disk diagnostic programs which attempt to access the boot sector table will cause the warning message to appear. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Retention lever Retention lever 4. Audio Configuration Supported Software 4.


Introduction AC Power Failure Recovery When power returns after an AC power failure, you may choose to either power-on the system manually, let the system power-on automatically or return to the state where you left off before power failure occurs.


Please go to DFI’s web site at “http: The manufacturer makes no representations or warranties with respect to the contents or use of this manual and specifically disclaims any express or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any Introduction Table of Contents Chapter 1 – Introduction 1. System Memory Hardware Installation Warning: This section gives you functions to configure the system based on the specific features of the chipset.

Front Panel Connectors Hardware Installation 2. Page 95 Supported Software 4.

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These ports are RSC asynchronous communication ports with 16CA-compatible UARTs that can be used with modems, serial printers, remote display terminals, and other serial devices.

Page 21 Hardware Installation 1. Handle the CPU by its edges and avoid touching the pins. Intel Graphics Drivers Supported Software 4.