OK, first off I would like to thank everyone for the assist. Not helpful here but I recall reading they are looking into supporting Let’s Encrypt certificates in the future. Company Name, your city, etc. Setup an nginx reverse proxy and I only do it in one place which is x easier. I’m at the point know where I’m thinking about killing the image in azure and taking a do over. Thanks for the heads up.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Submit a new text post. Followed the instructions posted by Willie Howe via his youtube post https: I’m on digitalocean fwiw. Ubiquiti submitted 6 months ago by jaholbrook. Give people incorrect information on purpose Post box pictures without discussion.

When in doubt, contact the mods cst ask. Which is a pain for the Unifi controller as it does not use relative paths for it’s resources.


Use LetsEncrypt With Unifi. Post navigation Electronic fruits of my actual labor!

Getting csr for SSL – Ubiquiti Networks Community

Then I had to wait about minutes until the site came back up, but I’m in csf green now. It will be bran new and back to the wizard. This is a rough edit from my internal documentation: I have been consolidating some of my sites onto a single hosted Unifi controller. Want to add to the discussion?

The certificate and keystore directory might change for you.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Log in or sign up in seconds. I just set this up for myself not even 20 unigi ago.

Only on my reverse proxies. Good luck to anyone else giving this a shot.

Make sure the files have the correct names and paths. Now we need to feed the CSR into certbot. The first frustration is that you cannot simply install the certs you want into the unifi controller. OK, first cwr I would like to thank everyone for the assist. You don’t have a path set for those two files.


Getting csr for SSL

When creating the CSR use single quote when adding information that has spaces ie: For reference I used the instructions from here:. Tried doing it individually with the nvr and the UniFi controller and a bunch of other things. I knew I had to be screwing something up. Concatenate certificates into mydomain. Keep this in mind when allocating storage. Actually i trying to work with the advice and see if I can finally get the car installed.

I will try the command with my bundle. Ubiquiti subscribe unsubscribe 26, readers users here now Welcome to the unofficial Ubiquiti Subreddit!