Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Run blabel , set the fonts and the correct printer in case you have others aswell , type some text and hit print. I hope you find it useful aswell. Click “Set Printer Options” and set the media size. Select your machine name. It allows you to for example create one big image composed of lots of little labels and print that as a single job. Install LPR driver dpkg dpkg -i –force-all qllpr

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Brother P-touch PC Labeler.

Linux Devices – Garth’s Website

Switch the printer to ‘extended’ mode flip the switch at the back to ‘E’connect it to your box and turn the printer on. After getting totally fed up with my hand-held Dymo, I bought pt-1230oc competitor’s PC-only model hoping someone would have made a proper Linux-drivers for it.

The earlier versions of Pango lack some of the features this program uses. November 1st, 2. Install LPR driver Command for dpkg: Login as a superuser or use “sudo” option if it is required Step 2. Unpacking qlcupswrapper from qlcupswrapper Results 1 pt-1230p 5 of 5. Brtoher your machine name. I mailed the author and got the program.


Printer entry on the cups web interface USB Connection Printer entry on the cups web interface Network Connection Test Print Output from the cups web interface 62mm width continuous tape.

B-Label – A Linux labeling program for Brother P-touch series

Used mostly to print shipping labels via paypal for 3D Hubs orders and Ciclop PCB orders from the project store, you can also print very nice looking labels, stickers and cards using gLabels Label Designer.

Run blabelset the fonts and the correct printer in case you have others aswelltype some brofher and hit print.

I tried this program out and nothing happened when I pressed the print button, so I stupidly ilnux the print button a few more times. Check LPR driver and cupswrapper driver rpm rpm -qa grep -e qllpr -e qlcupswrapper qlcupswrapper Linux Devices Some generally cheap and well supported linux devices I own and like.

June 14th, 3. Note that you need atleast Ubuntu 9.

Great Chromebook running Ubuntu via Crouton. Unpacking qllpr from qllpr I added a –fromfile command line argument to it to get around the between-label feed issue for a job that needed hundreds of labels.

I think I then turned it off, unplugged it, plugged it in again and turned the printer on – then it promptly printed 4 labels off the rapidly-dwindling sample tape that was still in the machine. BTW I had a little program hiccup when Brotther upgraded to I hope you find it useful aswell.


Brother PT-1230PC on Ubuntu Linux

After some experimentation, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a firmware bug in the printer itself, the data I’m sending is valid. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Install LPR driver dpkg dpkg -i –force-all qllpr I was actually amazed how simple the printer’s imaging language was.

I had almost forgotten about the device, when I found a post about a C program that printed images with the device. Brother does not provide a Linux driver but this program works well for me in Install cupswrapper driver Ptt-1230pc for dpkg: Open a web browser and go to “http: If you make a mistake it is easy to powerclean and start over.

Doesn’t matter, B-Label works just fine!