The DVD tends to get locked from time to time and refuses to open properly. They make one tough customer out of it it can withstand a burden of 50 kilos and survive a fall of one meter. Still, we’d recommend upgrading to 1GB regardless. Warmth After some laborious work Joybook tends to heat up quite a bit. But the good overall attitude to Joybook S61 is determined, if we consider its magnesium alloy chassis and its metal bracings. While it’s decentered put a little bit to the left and without ridge, at first we might look for it somewhere else than it actually is. Therefore, one shouldn’t be afraid to take it outdoors even in rough terrain.

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This level of temperature can become inconvenient in the long run, when one is using the notebook on the lap. But the real highlight of this screen are the viewing angles.

Drivers for Bluetooth devices for Benq Joybook S61 laptops | Windows 7 x64

It would be enough to say, that the Touchpad is teenie-tiny and its function can be only auxiliary at best. As already mentioned, it shows a little bit of defiance time and time again, getting stuck and simply giving out.

However, its most appealing feature for us was the armor with ferruling metal borders. One of our initial concerns was that the meagre MB of memory would have an adverse effect on performance, but this didn’t eventuate. The designers went over the top with their fancy. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising.


Apple’s Touch Bar — a thin screen that replaces the function keys on the new MacBook Live TV can be recorded nluetooth the 80GB hard drive at the push of a button, using the media centre software detailed below.

BatteryEater Classic full load: No such an exterior extravaganza is to be seen on the back end and on the downside. Design The S61’s design makes few departures from the typical ultra-portable mould. In addition, it has difficulties with disc recognition. These expectations were for the most part met; the S61 produced an impressive MobileMark office productivity score ofwhich trumps most of the competition.

The grey-subdued navy blue of the lid harmonizes well with the charcoal grey of the back and the sides of the base unit. With maximum load and continuous fan operation it can become pretty loud not hurting your ears, but still. That said, it’s not totally the fault of the small antenna or the tuner — you could have better luck with reception in your area.

The strengthened by means of metal braces chassis, which makes it so sturdy, is a guarantee for a reliable and longtime use. We’ve noticed some more little shortcomings. This is where the BenQ laptop shines. But the good overall attitude to Joybook S61 is determined, if we consider its magnesium alloy chassis and its metal bracings.

Review BenQ Joybook S61 – Reviews

After opening the lid, without the need of using the latch there is no closing mechanisma charcoal panel with black keyboard unit and silver fittings is revealed. Their are crisp and stablejust the way you want them to be.


BenQ’s Joybook S61 subverts this tradition entirely, being the first ultra-portable media centre notebook we’ve come across. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

Their function is rather strictly ornamental bfnq they don’t encourage to use them. The top of the lid is not as rigid as the base unit, but it is natural due to its limited thickness it measures only 9.

The designers showed no finesse in these areas, so the good impression made by the looks of the front side is somewhat spoiled. The sound is shallow, and their response bandwidth is evidently inadequate.

We’ve joybok, we promise.

BenQ Australia Joybook S61 V30

Still, we’d recommend upgrading to 1GB regardless. Other BenQ software bundled with the package includes QMusic manage your music library and sync with portable devicesQPower adjust power management settings and QPresentation aids in connecting the notebook to a projector.

Due to its durability Joybook S 61 is very suitable for the work outside it’s a shame it has a glaring screen, which is haunted by awful reflections with sunlight.

The list of benqq is longer. Similarly, there is no susceptibility of bendingapart from the DVD drive area, where the chassis gives way, if one clenches it.