Yes, my password is: I’ll do some more investigating and research. Dec 31, 5. I’ll tip Jamie off to this thread, since he’s far more educated in audio than I am. Thank you Tharic-Nar, you have gone above and beyond in helping me.

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In regard to 8-channel HD stuff, apart from a whole mass of marketing, that’s 7.

The SupremeFX offers both real surround for dedicated speakers, as well as virtual surround for headphones, so you can pick and chose based on your circumstances. There are some Headsets out there with individual drivers for each channel, and are technically classed as real surround sound headsets, as they require the 3 or 4 connectors to work.

Virtual surround is a software effect that takes the 5. I’ll do some more investigating and research. Do you already have an account? Thank you Tharic-Nar, you have gone above and beyond in helping me.

Since pci sound card has a dedicated headphone amp as well, it may be best to splash out on a good pair of headphones instead of getting a headset with virtual surround. Jan 7, 7. However, as soon as software is thrown into the equation, who knows, and that’s the problem.

ASUS SupremeFX X-fi Sound Card Maximus II Formula Linsten With Absolute HD

The only real problem with going with a pair of headphones over a headset is the lack of a microphone, so that’s something you will have to consider.


The simple truth is, both will sound near enough the same if you disable all the software, though the motherboard will likely sound slightly better.

Both Rob and I like our audio and we’re not keen on the virtual surround supremedx in a lot of gear, so we both ended up going with high-end stereo headphones. If you are confused between virtual and real surround, I’ll quickly explain.

The SupremeFX on the motherboard is again, just another realtek chip, a lot of marketing, and some higher quality caps, with the same driver and software stack that’s been modified for ASUS.

Exceptional and uncoloured sound quality, and the loss of surround sound is not a huge problem. This helps me a lot in making a decision. This will be typically a realtek chip with some software tuning via the the drivers you’ll need to install.

SupremeFX III | ROG – Republic of Gamers Global

I’ll tip Jamie off to this thread, wound he’s far more educated in audio than I am. I’m personally not a fan of virtual audio, it doesn’t work well for me for spacial awareness and just distorts music too much for it to be of any benefit.

Dec 30, 2.

pcke Jan 8, 8. Dec 28, 1. Your name or email address: ROG-exclusive technology implements multi-approach shielding, with ELNA audio capacitors helping offer 8-channel HD sound that’s equal in power, clarity, and range to dedicated sound soubd.


The Sennheiser PC d is in fact, a stereo headset, the 7. Surround Sound in the physical sense is typically 5. Dec 31, 5. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Did a little reading and not sure that this answers my question. If you are just asjs a pair of headphones, there are alternatives that will sound much better for the same price as the kit from Sennheiser which we can help with if you wish.

The vast majority of gaming headsets are virtual surround. Dec 31, 4.

Asus Maximus VI Hero SupremeFX vs Sennheiser PC 363d USB sound card

In all fairness though, the mics on gaming headsets are atrocious, most are over-filtered and end up sounding like a garbled mess. Is 8-channel HD the same as Surround Sound? Dec 30, 3. But as a comparison between the USB suremefx and the onboard audio, they will sound almost the same without software interfering.