Click on a tab to your settings and exit the bring it to the front. This manual uses a link function that allows you to jump to a related page. Before printing, make sure that the correct size of paper for your document has been loaded in the machine. Windows does not have the “Preferences” button in this dialog box. Shared printer Print server Client Client Client “Print server” as explained here is a computer that is directly connected to the machine, and a “Client” is any other computer that is connected to the same network.

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The explanation below assumes that you intend to print sahrp A3 or Ledger size document on A4 or Letter size paper. Click these buttons to move quickly to pages that you wish to view.

Sharp AR-5316E User Manual

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. When a restriction is in effect, shafp information icon will appear next to the setting. Results 1 to 6 of 6. Icon Print Status 6 “Help” button An error has 6 Click this button to display occurred that 7 requires immediate the help file for the Print attention.

If you change the settings from the printer driver setup screen at the time of printing, the settings will revert to the initial settings when you quit the application.


When printing begins, shatp Print Status Window automatically opens. Windows does not have the “Preferences” button in this dialog box. Pausing a print job To pause a 516e job during printing, press the [ON LINE] key on the operation panel to switch the machine off-line.

If possible you can email it to nrsmoyo yahoo. An error has 7 “Close” button occurred that Click this button to close requires attention the Print Status Window.

Note 3 4 Click the “Printing Preferences” button in the “General” tab.

Using Bookmarks Bookmarks have been created on the left side of this manual. Click the icon to view an explanation of the restriction.

To use this function, open the printer driver setup screen and select “2-Up” or “4-Up” for “N-Up Printing” on the “Main” tab. Note that the Windows network environment must already be established. 531e, open the printer folder and continue the setup procedures from Step 6. Is there other way of entering into simulation? The Print Status Window is a utility that monitors the machine and shows the name of the document being printed and any error messages that occur.

Click on a topic in the Index to jump directly to that section. The printer driver setup screen will appear. The man is a maintenance required and can be cleared with sim This feature is used to enable correct printing on envelopes and other paper with flaps that can only be loaded in one orientation. Note For information on a setting, click the button at the top-right of the dialog box and then click the setting to display Help.


sharp ARE Service manual

The “Printer Ports” dialog box will appear. The contents of this window will vary depending on your network environment. Some restrictions exist on the combinations of settings that can be selected in the printer driver setup screen.

B P Basic Printing Maybe let me be more precise,There are three indicators that is man sign,toner sign and star sign. The size of the printed image will be automatically adjusted to match the paper loaded in the machine.

You dharp click on a bookmark to jump directly to that section. Select settings as needed sharl each of the tabs in the setup screen.

Click this button to display Note The settings and the image of the machine will vary depending on the model. When the indicator is: Select the desired printer settings in 5316d “Print” dialog box, and then click the “OK” button.