To do this, after you resume do: Notes The modem driver is a little bit problematic with hibernation and maybe sleep as well. The voice transfer and digital data occurs independently. The firmware provided by Conexant is under rather restrictive terms and its redistribution is not allowed. Please Register or Login. Powered by myUPB v2. In both cases, we expect the correct filename to be CnxEtU.

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Introduction USB is far from the ideal medium for network access, if you can get your hands on an ethernet modem you may save yourself some trouble. This can be obtained directly from the CVS http: You will therefore have to extract the firmware from the CD that came with your modem.

Where [email protected] these files come from? Is there an Arch package or so containing them? The voice transfer and digital data occurs independently. Partners Support Community Ubuntu.


Modems supported by the Linux driver

Create New Topic Add Reply. Dec 14, 5: Unsupported Version This article applies to an unsupported version of Ubuntu. The latter can be found here: The modem itself should be working now.

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Acorp [email protected] USB Drivers

Let’s combine with the USB 1. For support this device you need only 4 files: Well, I guess you will have to simply install this yourself: The field is wrongly filled.

Not all of these modems have been tested, to see which ones are known to work see http: We recommend to see Adapters of wireless connection Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. Don’t tell me you copied them from somewhere!?

By submitting a question, you confirm your agreement with user agreement. To extract the firmware: Dec 15, 1: They have to be in maintained packages. For link up i use this script: To Compare the Products.

Suggestions :: Wish : USB ADSL support

Your question has been sent successfully. Page History Login to edit. I see linux-atm contains related stuff. Here direct link to package Unfortunally at present day there is no info about this modem on english version [email protected] info is still present on russian version site.


This deals with low-level stuff that are absolutely [email protected] to get the modem working. I can’t include it in the next version… It’s no problem: Please be warned that I will never include dubious binaries in ctkarch. Notes The modem driver is a little bit problematic with hibernation and maybe sleep as well.

Another way is to look for them in the CD that came with the modem. Calimero on Dec 14, 7: