Comment on this change optional. Compiz runs pretty smooth, even youtube videos play without trouble. So any ideas how to ‘downgrade’ to my previous driver, hehe? I find it functions better though for driver support etc, and new features such as modesetting in the kernel and plymouth etc are incorporated quicker. I really appreciate your help. When I delete the xorg.

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This brings fps in Ubuntu 8. But xogr you run compiz, then: I’ve no clue why, but I’m not complaining: Remove the ‘nomodeset’ option from your kernel boot line, and reboot.

I reckon a lot of it has xory do with cpu emulation hopefully the issue will be fixed after the new intel drivers with dri come out. This ran far better than before.

Even the new ones?

[ubuntu] Intel GMA MHD better driver? [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

xorrg I think I’ll be going with nVidia, but it would be nice to get a comparison between Intel GMA and an nVidia card when it comes to the performances I mentioned 2 threads ago After using the xorg. I have card, I used to use Ubuntu which gives me bad video performance – supertux is very slow. Mandriva This is the one I’m using now: Thanks for the link, by the way.


I was always sure that it is the Intel driver’s fault. Thank you very much FarmField.

In your log, you had an xorg. I won’t guarantee it will, but it should.

Intel GMA 4500MHD, Ubuntu 11.04

Google earth is not too great, fairly jerky, but useable. Did you ever tried this here?

What does glxinfo grep rendering give? As i believe i said, i run windows 7 for school purposes I removed your lines which I added and rebooted.

Though I’m not fanatical about xorb, I’d love to get this working: Every second or less the video gets stuck for a short while. I do however have some crappy problems with some windows xogr which are forcing me to dual boot windows XP If you read the responses at that site you’ll see that people had problems with the 2.

Sorry man, but a newer driver comes preinstalled in 64 bit ubuntu 8.

Also Games run better, and you’ll be able to game 45500 wine. I had this problem with CentOS and it was due to the graphics card driver.


Intel “works” on his driver, but they didnt get it managed that their neweset Graphic Board, which is mainly oversized, can play Ut from year ! I’m short of time. Weird, I’ve had fps in glxgears for months now, since I ‘stole’ my xorg. Just try installing this with wine. Im a newbie when it comes to linux, I’ve tried it before but gave up in frustration with gusty: But maybe a full install would result in more up to date libraries or packages being sorg.

Sorry, I have no clue about raid, haven’t used raided disks since the late nineties It didn’t really seem to work though, but I kept it anyway – lucky me! Maybe I should try some other Flash versions.