You will need to perform additional measurements to determine the actual bias applied to samples in cases where there is non-negligible DC conductivity. If the instrument automatically changes circuit modes during a sweep e. Thus, I can’t really speak to their accuracy. Message 1 of If certain values need to be fixed, it may be necessary to manually reset these parameters if changed after optimization, then manually tune the remaining free parameters until reasonable fit is restored.

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If all else fails, exit the software, then restart the computer and the instrument.

Position the cursor over the value entry box, then scroll the wheel up or down to adjust. The objective is to select the circuit model best approximating the measured impedance, and then to adjust the parameter values to obtain optimal 4192aa between model and measurement data.

HP 4192A Sweep Utility Software

This is particularly relevant when labvisw high-leakage devices, or forward-biased diodes. Unlike single-point measurements of capacitance or inductance, frequency sweeps generally reveal varying impedance trends due to, for example, self-resonance effects, transmission lines, or the combination of multiple circuit elements.

I have tried digging down deeper and deeper into the Sub VI’s in debug mode when this is happening but I cant find the source of the error. The easiest way to “tune” the remaining parameters’ values is using the mouse wheel.


Skin effect causes the effective resistance of conductors to increase 4192z frequency.

How can I decode binary data with an external PC after I save measurement data in binary format into floppy disk on the A? The screenshot above shows the data acquired when measuring a commercial TVS diode. Output Impedance was always zero. Readings and error messages are shown in the lower left panel.

Labvie 9 of After the completion of the sweep, you may save or otherwise export the data for analysis. Ensure that the instrument is correctly connected and configured for GPIB communications.

Obsolete View Service Options. Hi, Yes, I mean how to control the machine with the downloaded VI.

Legal Privacy Terms Trademark Acknowledgements. Read the instrument manual for more information.

HP A SubVI outputting zero – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Do you connect this meter with GPIB or something else? However, for typical e. I had a similar issue with a lock-in amplifier a while ago. I attached the Driver VI that I used to resolve my issue. Next to each is a fit criteria “optimize type” drop-down menu. There are only 3 warnings 3 Reload paths but no error message when I run the “example. Most Active Software Boards: Diode fit from example Excel spreadsheet.


And actually, I didn’t understand well, what’s the component other than the driver sub v. A round indicator “LED” indicates the status of the software as follows: Can the A measure integral channel power and adjacent channel power? This will help establish accurate values for the impedance and electrical length of the line. Requesting excessively tight fit tolerance will thus cause the fit to time out.

Software: A Impedance Analysis

Sorry for such a late reply My time in the lab was over taken by another project I recently 41922a back to this. The value of this resistance is calculated as:. Message 3 of In practice I have not encountered situations where modeling the low-frequency impedance of a transmission line has been particularly important in the analysis of impedance sweeps.

If this happens, previous values can be restored with the “undo” button.