And instead of kicking the ball we use the water flow to get the ball from point A to B. Anyone who would rather an nvidia is out of their mind. The idea is simple: Frequencies below 1kHz and above 6kHz are attenuated, where as frequencies between 1kHz and 6kHz are amplified by the A weighting. The laundry list of fixes are as follows:.

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ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2: 2 GPUs 1 Card, A Return to the High End

I look forward to getting two of these babies and setting them up for crossfire mode. What would happen if your PSU can’t cope with the load?: Review Sections Review Specs. Click to Enlarge The card is long, measuring The cooler is massive and industrial though.

Read on to out how it gets on! We’ve spent the 38870×2 few weeks familiarising ourselves with the architecture behind the hardware. Definitely check out this PSU reviewplease. More power for the simple expedient of more GPUs. Four graphics processors crunching games for you. The one you’ve been waiting for.

Single-board CrossFire – ATI Radeon HD X2: 2 GPUs 1 Card, A Return to the High End

The X2 utilizes two of these chips, which were relabeled as the R No additional software in the form of full games though it’s sufficient to get is hooked up and started. Crysis Windows Vista Longer bars indicate better performance.


The idle temps are short from astonishing. Sounds great but lacks 3870xx2. There’s more to the Radeon HD X2 rather than merging two GPUs on one board, bridging them see that as an internal x16 PCIe bus connection for data communication ; no they changed another thing or two.

Which for a card with two active GPU cores is not bad at all.

R AMD ATI Radeon HD X2 |

Asus Apple Sony Google Valve. The human hearing system has different sensitivities at different frequencies. You will then hear the fan and dBa levels will hover at roughly 45 dBa, which is still quite normal. Read on to out how it gets on! PowerColor Radeon X2.

Not only is it less powerful and less value for money, but nvidia is really stingy about replacement of defects, not to mention they don’t have one reliable third party manufacturer, in the face of ATI’s 2 really good ones Sapphire and HIS. Can DX9 continue to cut it?

ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2

Competitive Crysis Performance Today’s launch was actually supposed to happen last week, on January 23rd. You’ll get near same performance as a HD XT at half the price and secondly, half the power consumption thus lower wattage. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.


In our testing we didn’t encounter any such issues but as new games and OS revisions come out, as we saw with the GeForce GX2, there’s always the chance. Today’s launch was actually supposed to happen last week, on January 23rd. Do not buy this card for that reason alone. Noise with significant measured levels in dB at high or low frequencies will not be as annoying as it would be when its energy is concentrated in the middle frequencies.

Are you annoyed at some of the support? I’m doing a little try-out today with noise monitoring, so basically the test we do is extremely subjective. We’ve got plenty of pics inside too!