Have burned numerous blanks without any coasters. Could be that you need to upgrade your firmware for your burner,as that sets new write strategies for new media thats out.. Media used is Edgetec, made by moser baer india. Using the same media on a DRUA with any software produces fine results. Comments posted by canthackit from United Kingdom, January 27, That includes in both windows and linux. It’s not supported by Sony.

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According to this site’s info I found the compatability and support page da this unit and found the following DVD media to use: Comments posted by Mrinal from India, February 02, It doesn’t seem to want to recognize other burning software besides Nero.

Drive is not capable of burning (SONY DVD RW DW-D22A)

This ‘software’ is called firmware and can be updated with a firmware flasher. Works fine for burning–using DVDfab for backups; double layer burning is more erratic.

As far as programs it works with for me, unlike some fo the others only one burning program hasn’t worked and thats the one that came with it nti or something?


The dw-D22a specs I have show write speed: Comments posted by chevy from Canada, March 30, To find sohy firmware go to your burner homepage and find the firmware for you d222a and model or http: E01 comments, 0 good0 mixed1 poor. Comments posted by popsiq from Canada, April 04, Rated the Sony DW22 double duece an 8 because it’s doing it’s job!

Using standard burner software it burns well at 4X.

Comments posted by Jon from United States, March cw, In 3 week I have made over 25 burns, data as well as video. Comments posted by adeel from United States, February 17, That includes in both windows and linux. Will bear that in mind.

Who knows, my DW22 may break next week or it may last for years. I noticed that the numbers of the sony were d22a which I think is mainly sold in Canada so could be region locked. Comments posted by Kevin from Canada, February 03, Comments posted by Kaulike from United States, February 03, I have not tried ds other media.

Sony DVD RW DW-D22A: help – Accrington Web

I will try other media, but if no improvement this drive is going back for a Dv. The Sony motor hunts up and down and it sounds like the disc is not locked and is spinning on the spindle.


A firmware upgrade can add new functionality to your drive. This was mainly data, burning was very smooth, it has taken 25 mins for the total compilation. Also bug fixes and improvements are done by firmware upgrades. Worked fine on a previous drive, does not work on this one.

Sony DW-D22A DVD Writer – VideoHelp

After this speed it will not increase anymore. Physically opening the drive and recentering the disc cures the problem.

I updated the firmware from another author, but still no go. How to record anything on your screen using th Comments posted by Douglas from United States, January 07, Comments posted by maerhult from United Kingdom, February 11, Could be that you need to upgrade your firmware for your burner,as that sets new write strategies for new media thats out.

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