Perhaps future iterations of the Refiner will be refined on these fronts. It might seem that a harder grip would give you more control. Take the practice range anywhere and never run out of golf balls. Hit with any wood, iron or wedge. Home Contact Privacy Policy.

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Your email address will not be published. The adjustable guide pads encourage a correct in-to-in swing path for straight shots, and give immediate feedback on an out-to-in slicing swing path.

The hinge will break immediately. The patented, two-way adjustable hinged clubs give instant feedback on tempo and swing plane to smooth out your swing.

SKLZ Refiner Putter Review

The pros spend countless hours practicing their putting and other parts of their game, often with top instructors at their side. Home Contact Privacy Policy. Anonymous June 9, at 8: Dual-Adjustable Hinged Training Club.

Practice driving, iron shots, and short game. You might be surprised.

SKLZ Rick Smith Refiner Iron Dual Adjustable Hinged Swing Trainer Left Hand Club | eBay

Designed by Lisa Gergets. Learn the perfect golf swing.

I found that after a session with the Refiner, I was more intuitively in tune with my tempo when I switched to my regular putter. The Straight Shooter gives you honest feedback on your golf swing and helps eliminate slices and hooks to hit longer and straighter.


Using the included wrench key, you can easily loosen the joint tension for shorter putts while tightening it a bit for wmith putts. By offering a quick cure to a common putting problem, the Refiner earns points while lowering scores. You want the tension high enough to reward a fluid, rhythmic and natural stroke, but also just low enough to punish anything less. One thing I like about the Refiner is that the tension can be adusted to fit the different forces required for shorter putts or longer putts.

Take the practice range anywhere and never run out of golf balls. This grip looks cool, but it feels a bit sticky.

Also, the lie angle on the Refiner is a bit more upright than the average putter. When the hinge stays solid, it means your stroke is too.

The gyroscope in the club head forces your swing to stay on plane and grooves a perfectly time Price: The owner of this website, Mark Smith, is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking Golf Training Aids to Amazon properties including, but not limited to, amazon.

For the first time, you can feel the perfect golf swing instead rifk worrying about techniques and instruction. Rick Smith is a widely respected golf instructor whose name lends considerable credibility to the line.


The Smitu Line If you are dedicated to your putting practice, and if you want to give your tempo regular tune-ups, the Refiner is a solid investment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Skzl setting depends on the length of the putt, as a shorter putt requires less force of movement, and thus less tension in the hinge. The Launch Pad lets you hit off the tee, on the fairway, or out of the rough. Even hit balls with it. The Storyline In addition to remarkable mental fortitude, the greatest putters also boast phenomenal mechanics, with consistent tempo being a key component.

SKLZ | Golf Training Aids

The View from PuterZone. Just below the grip, the adjustable hinge connects the upper and lower portions of the shaft. Get Putter Perfection for 99 Cents! Putting Arc Training Board. Hit with any wood, iron or wedge.

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