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Ok, well I read the Goldstar page and it was very informative. Contact Us A product specialist will be glad to get in touch with you. I have not worked with making DDF’s from Magic before so I do not know how it handles logical names included in the file name or if it looks at the database name and goes to the trouble of interpreting it to find where the file is actually located. Still, I am only able to pull data from one table at a time. It should be in the system path.

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There is information on the Pervasive web site http: For that reason, I am now very hesitant to do anything to the database or server that could in anyway have a negative impact on uptime. All the errors you mention are in the system tables FILE. That should do it. The new topic will begin with this message. Waiting on a vendor to respond and fix problems can be quite frustrating. We did get the data extracts going at a sensible rate in the end, and I seem to recall that the indexes would be used provided the SQL statement was structured to exactly match the index.

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SQL and higher Pervasive. Tutorials Release Notes Supported Configurations. The tables all have.

Downloads for Btrieve 6.15

After that you can create a connection through the qlikview code interface. When you set up the ODBC connection, it asks for the directory that the DDFs are in and the directory that the database is in, This is supposed to indicate where the data is located.

Click Here to join Tek-Tips and talk with other members! Is there another switch to get the screen to stay in place? Ian Whybrow Logistics Technologies Tired of missing odbbc while online?

Guess I’ll have to leave btrieve to the experts. Other questions can be sent to peter. When you say one table at a time, I’m assuming you can’t run any join operations, etc. Guess I’ll be limited to calling a support number and oebc for them to fix it.

ODBC Data Integration for Pervasive SQL – DataDirect Connectivity

Subject of the new topic: The requirement for this derives from the fact that the query parser in Btriege or maybe just the ODBC driver is not as intelligent as most RDBMS’s and does not work out execution plans very well. See if anyone understand the flowing stuff. Further to this problem.

I have tried again and have gotten Access to link to the ODBC database created and see that it has 2 tables in it with the names Shipment and Orders my files are Shipment. Home Messages Hashtags Subgroups Wiki.


Close this window and log in. I am going to start with ODBC. This was quite a long time ago now on a client site that I have not been back to for some time So my questions are: Don’t worry about the ‘. Progress DataDirect management of packet-based btrievve communication provides unsurpassed packet transport, network round trips and data buffering optimization. It’ll save you much more than that in time and aggravation.

If you plan on doing this more than occasionally, I strongly recommend you consider popping for the hundred bucks it takes to buy Synopsis’ SuperDDF utility. Where did you source the progress drivers from?

Run the maintenance utility and select to run a Stat report. DataDirect Connectors Connect any data source to any application. The Btrieve 12 LDL entitles the license holder to distribute copies of Btrieve 12 with their application s in support of up to users.

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