We have tested named pipes only with the Win32 VM from Sun. This driver requires the JDBC 2. Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 2. With version 8 of the driver i-net Opta and i-net Merlia supports the following new data types of SQL Server and returns Java objects:. After the timeout not all idle connections were closed.

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Another solution to connect to the SQL Server are named pipes. If you want to use named pipes from another platform, you have to install SMB server mrlia block on the client or you must install NFS network file system on the SQL server. Sets the network packet size. See the API documentation for more details.

jTDS JDBC Driver

Sets jdhc total time in seconds, in that the reconnection process must be finished. This is only needed for SQL Server If a SP call was prepared then the first call did not return a output parameter.

You can do this in the Server Network Utilities. The data type with the lower precedence is converted to the data type with the kerlia precedence. Data larger as MB are send as bulk.


The SQL Server ever. There are the following possible solutions:.

i-net MERLIA

The FaloverListener receives an event if the Connection was broken, if the reconnection process was successful and if an error occurred be the try of reconnect. Now you can save date until a size of Interger. Got it, continue to print. It is possible to use the default implementation of the FailoverListener or to use your own implementation. Fixed a protocol problem with setting a Boolean value and Types.

Manual for the MS SQL Server JDBC type 4 driver MERLIA

It is also required that your program runs with a user account that has access to the SQL Server. With version 8 of the driver i-net Opta and i-net Merlia supports the following new data types of SQL Server and returns Java objects: The value is equals to the JDBC sub protocol.

If reconnection was successful, all Statements, PreparedStatements and CallableStatements will be restored. The values return as binary byte array. The ResultSet created by Statement. After you have installed the certificate, the SSL encryption is only valid for this login. There was a bug in CachedRowSet.


Always uses SSL and verifies the Certificate. If you want to use these values in Java then contact the support. Changes are detected by comparing timestamps or by comparing all nontext, nonimage values if timestamps are not available. Claims to be be JDBC 3. Therefore you can set all or only some properties e.

This happens if parameter definition send by Driver don’t match exactly the column type. Those Connection can be received from:. This is not valid for SQL Server Datetime formats with short month and days like ” are supported now. Currently this has only an effect for getTransactionIsolationLevel fastbatch default is true Control if executeBatch should use one round trip or execute every command as a single command.

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